About Us

About Us

by chelseka

Our goal is to provide top organizations in the GTA with integrated solutions for all of their leadership recruitment needs. Our experienced recruitment team specializes in the search and placement of senior level management and executive roles within capital markets and financial services, as well as systems, SaaS and technology.

Whether you hire us for off or on-site recruitment solutions, we will seamlessly collaborate with your leadership team. We endeavor to understand your company’s unique culture and leadership goals to work together to find the person who will drive success in your organization.

Our candidates trust us to guide them through the recruitment process, empowering them to make strategic career advances. People are undoubtedly the underlying layer behind competitive advantage. We help you hire better to outpace your competitors.

Our Leadership Team

Our leadership team has over 80 years of combined experience, engaging with talented leaders to place them in roles where they can drive the success of the organizations they work for. We nurture a deep network of the regions most talented individuals and bring them to you.


10,000 Hours of Recruitment Experience

A network builder and entrepreneur, who has spent over 13 years in search from
multi-nationals to small boutiques focused in financial services and technology.


10,000 Hours of HR Experience

With over 30 years experience in the financial sector, she’s a former financial
services HR Director, carries a deep network of talent and a track record of success in all endeavors.


10,000 Hours of COO Experience

This former COO and CHRO at a global tech firm has overseen several search
engagements throughout her career from confidential C-suite executive searches to large multi-team and departmental hiring.